Waste Diversion

What is waste diversion? Waste diversion is used to express how much waste is being diverted away from the landfill. In most cases, the waste is recycled, composted, or repurposed.

Does all your waste still end up in a landfill? Let us help you divert your waste by setting up a recycling program that meets your company's sustainability goals. We can conduct a free waste and recycling audit to see what materials you have in your waste stream. Once we have identified what materials you have, we can then build a custom recycling program to meet your needs. Our sales staff will find efficient and cost-effective ways to get your materials back into the manufacturing process.

Give us a call anytime at or contact 773-522-0025 us to discuss your waste diversion goals. Se habla español.

How do I calculate waste diversion?

  1. Determine the amount of waste that is being diverted. This includes all waste materials that are being recycled, composted, or repurposed. The needs to be measured in the same units as your total waste.
  2. Determine the total waste being generated. This includes all landfill and recycled materials.
  3. Calculate the waste diversion rate by dividing the diverted waste by the total waste generated. Then multiply by 100 to get the percentage. For example (Diverted Waste/Total Waste) x 100 = %.

Remember that for accurate numbers you will need to regularly track both the diverted waste and total waste generated over time. This will help you track the effectiveness of your efforts.

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